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Katabatic provides a vast array of services ranging from a day out with rafting, to multi-day expeditions in white water and mountaineering.

Though we are better known for our adrenalin pumping multi-day expeditions. We value our talent and expertise that we have gained over years by successfully running such expeditions over and over again, which our competitors don't even dare to try. We are now using that vast knowledge of providing safety and rescue to enable even an ordinary person to challenge his limits.

Our team consists of certified mountaineers, swift water rescue professionals, capable river guides and very experienced multi-activity experts. We have 40+ man years of experience in extreme sports. (for more visit About Us  & Why Us  sections)

Tried and tested by the thousands we serve, you would find the depth of experience that our staff embodies is remarkable.

Following are the services currently in offering

Rafting Day Trips
Camps and Resorts
Rafting Expeditions & Trips
Kayaking Training Courses
Rafting Training Courses
Rescue & Safety

There is a lot coming up... we are just getting started

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