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Multi-Day Rafting Expeditions

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Look around and behold.. the sceneries unfold like a gigantic scrap book.. with each page more beautiful than the previous.. It is an experience which cannot be explained in the truest form.. a different perspective to the landscape around you.. it is a view from the river…

These trips are like a safari across the geography through which the river flows, a journey in which one is totally disconnected from the rest of the world. All our means of survival and existence are carefully packed and waterproofed; each participant to the trip becomes an integral member of the team. The journey is self supported and self sufficient in all ways, once it starts on the river.

These trips provide more relaxed time to immerse in the environment, and allow strengthening of relation ships between team members. There is a lot of learning and experience to be taken back from such trips, by each participant.

Each day of paddling, takes the team to new places and beautiful untouched beaches where tents are pitched for the night. Camp activities like collection of firewood, organizing the camp site, helping with various chores will dissolve into lively bonfires and usual chit chat, singing and generally chilling and enjoying in one's own ways.

If you want to experience white water rafting or kayaking in its own 'true outdoor' manner, then we beacon you, to come and join us for a memorable experience. We assure you that you will be rendered addicted!

Take a look at the following multi-day rafting expeditions that we offer:

Zanskar Expedition
Duration: 08 Days    Difficulty level: Grade IV   
Season: July-Aug   
This trip is a combination of the experience of Jeep Safari, Monastery visits, and rafting in one of the most exotic and isolated gorges of the world. Enroute we would be visiting the Lamayuru Monastery, Rangdum Monastery, Karsha Gompa and Alchi Monastery.    read more

Upper Alaknanda Expedition
Duration: 04 Days    Difficulty level: Grade V   
Season: Mid Oct - Mid April   
This is not a trip for first timers. It is for the people who have experienced rafting before and are now looking for the next level. The trip demands very good physical state, and the participants should be able to do 5-6 hrs of rigorous paddling every day.    read more

Ganga Expedition
Duration: 03 Days    Difficulty level: Grade III+   
Season: Oct-May   
This is the full version of the Ganga expedition. The trip starts from Deoprayag, and finishes in Rishikesh, spanning a distance of almost 78 kms in 3 days on the river.    read more

Lower Alaknanda Expedition
Duration: 03 Days    Difficulty level: Grade II   
Season: Mid Sep-May   
This is a perfect outing for family groups. The trip starts from Srinagar and finishes at Kaudiyala, a distance of about 70 kms which is done in 3 river days.   read more

Grand Ganga Expedition
Duration: 05 Days    Difficulty level: Grade III+   
Season: Oct-May   
This expedition is a combination of Lower alaknanda and Ganga Expedition. Expedition starts at Srinagar and finishes at Rishikesh.   read more

Sharda River Expedition
Duration: 04 Days    Difficulty level: Grade IV   
Season: Sep-Apr   
Action packed trip, in the remote terai jungles. The river is a natural border between India and Nepal. Experience camping at some of the most beautiful untouched beaches, and lot of exciting white water, including one grade IV rapid.    read more

Kali/Sharda River Expedition
Duration: 06 Days    Difficulty level: Grade IV   
Season: Sep-Apr   
This trip starts from Jhulaghat, and finishes at Tanakpur. Through out, the river carves its journey with Nepal on one side and India on the other. An experience of very remote untouched camping sites, lush green forests, and exciting white water.    read more

Mini Ganga Expedition
Duration: 02 Days    Difficulty level: Grade III+   
Season: Oct-May   
This is a trip for people who look for some raw adventure, within a time span of 2 days, which can be done over a weekend. The trip starts from Kaudiyala, and finishes in Rishikesh, spanning a distance of almost 40 kms in 2 days on the river.   read more

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